import export filter

Jan 7 at 6:40 AM
Edited Jan 7 at 6:41 AM
I want to do mlc qa, for that i have RA QA files, I want to import these dcm files to eclipse as a qa patient, and do analysis in portal dosimetry. Problem is that what to put 'internal id' and 'external id' in 'manage machine' in 'import export filter', so that i can import these dcm files.thank you in advance.
Jan 7 at 6:21 PM
When pulling in DICOM plans for same machine, different id, I go through the import process and let it fail. In the details the '(F)' line items indicate what fails and one of those will identify the id in the incoming plan indicating it failed to match an internal id. Copy that id from the import log and paste it directly in to the manage external ids. Other than that, you could use the dicom2ascii tool on a thick client to convert the file to a text file and find the tag or another 3rd party dicom tag viewer