ETA for Block Coordinates in API?

Mar 8 at 7:10 PM

I was just wondering if there were any plans to include functionality to be able to retrieve the Block Coordinates for a Beam through the API?

I know that the Block Class exists and that it is accessed through the Beam class, but the properties and methods for the Block Class don't seem to include anything for the coordinates. Seeing as its a decimal string in the RTPLAN DICOM file, I just wasn't sure why the API doesn't expose this yet. It would be incredibly useful to have a script like Export3D for the Blocks as well as the Boluses.

Mar 11 at 9:23 PM
Do you know where this information is stored in the ARIA database? If so, you can use something like the Entity Framework to access this data. See my blog post Access the ARIA Database with the Entity Framework.
Mar 13 at 1:40 PM
13.6 MR4 includes an update to ESAPI, which includes added access to block outline. Send a note to requesting the ESAPI developer package for 13.6 MR4 if you are currently using 13.6. If it looks like this has what you need then you can request that Varian service update your 13.6 systems to 13.6 MR4.