scripted electron calculations?

Mar 30 at 3:41 PM
Edited Mar 30 at 4:50 PM

We are doing some testing of eMC in Eclipse 13.7 (research box) that involves calculating dose on a large number of plans. We wrote a simple script in an effort to automate plan calculation as some of these calculations can be quite time-consuming:
      foreach (var course in context.Patient.Courses)
        // loop over plans in course
        foreach (var plan in course.ExternalPlanSetups)
            CalculationResult doseCalc = plan.CalculateDose();          
The above works for photon plans, but scripted calculation of electron plans unfortunately seems to be unsupported.

Does anybody know if there is an alternative way to script electron plan calculations? Out of curiosity: what makes scripting electron calculations more difficult than photon plans?
Mar 30 at 7:18 PM
More information is needed to understand where things are failing. If the script fails, it should give a log file and tell you exactly what line of code / command the program halted on.

My first impression is that there are different algorithms, settings for photons and electrons. Did you change these in the script? Also, I know a dose calculation can fail if the optimizer doesn't have targets.
Mar 31 at 3:16 PM
Edited Mar 31 at 3:16 PM
These are all single-field, fixed MU calculations. We are defining all calculation parameters manually (not in the script), and so our intention is to just automate the sending of a directive for calculating dose for each plan. The prompt returned by the script is the following:
Electron beams are not supported. No photon beams in the plan.
The message is clear -- I'm just curious (and hopeful) that there might be an alternative way to streamline the calculations. I think prior Eclipse versions may have had a dose queue manager for this purpose?