API Keys

Apr 10 at 7:01 PM
How will the new API Keys for v15 affect our ability to do an sql connection to varian-db in our scripts?
Apr 20 at 6:31 PM
Starting shortly in version 15.1, access for outside applications (i.e. not Eclipse) will require an API key in order to access the VARIAN DB (note, afaik, the variansystem and varianenm will no longer be separate databases in that version). This will mean you'll need to break open your custom applications to make changes anyway. During this transition, the API keys can be requested from MyVarian. I'm not completely sure yet how to implement the API key within your script as I haven't gotten my hands on a version that has the database directly locked down yet, but I imagine C# project should be able to incorporate API keys fairly easily. They're all windows platforms after all. There is a CTB coming to myVarian with the number CTB-SS-1022 (it may already be on MyVarian). This document will walk you through the process of requesting and downloading the API key. I will try to come up with basic instructions on how to include the API key in the SQL connection string within a C# project, but it will have to wait until I can get a locked down version.

Best Regards,
Apr 26 at 2:50 PM
Thank you. Do you think we could make these updates on a test box in advance of upgrading?