Hot to exclude DVH data of the current patient?

Jun 1 at 5:46 AM
I would like to export DVH data such as V20Gy as a text file or as a csv file.
Yesterday, I tried to run "GenerateWebDVH.cs" as plugin. However, it did not work and showed the following message:
Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.

By the way, my institute does not allow me to install Visual Studio.

Could you please tell me what I can do to see DVH data?
Jun 3 at 3:17 AM
Hello mutta82,

The GenerateWebDVH.cs is going to be difficult to modify without the use of Visual Studio, or some other IDE, or at a minimum a compiler, because the binary plug-in will need to be built into a Binary file.
Do you have a personal computer that you can load Visual Studio onto and we can work through this process? It's ok if you don't, we'll just try to accomplish the same thing with a single-file plug-in that you can write in notepad and use Eclipse to compile.

I just want to know how to help you moving forward.

Jun 4 at 5:37 AM
Hello mcschmidt,

Thank you for your reply. Although the TPS does not have visual studio, my personal computer (Windows 10) has.
I am so glad if you help me accomplish this task!

Best regards,