1] How do I get the Eclipse Scripting API installed at my center?
If you have Eclipse v11, you have the Eclipse Scripting API. There is no special installation required.

2] What's the difference between the Eclipse Scripting API (ESAPI) and the Eclipse Algorithm API (EAAPI) ?
Scripting API:
The Eclipse Scripting API allows developers to write C#.NET scripts to access treatment planning information in Eclipse. The scripts can be integrated into the Eclipse user interface, or they can be run as stand-alone executables.
Algorithm API:
The Eclipse Algorithm API is a C++ programming interface and software library for Eclipse that allows algorithm developers to write advanced custom algorithms for research for many of the calculation types supported by Eclipse and the Distributed Calculation Framework (DCF).

3] Why are you recommending Microsoft Visual Studio 2010? Why not 2012?
The reference guides were created for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 also works well, but there are differences in behavior between Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and 2012, so the documentation may not apply exactly to 2012.

4] How do I get help when working with Varian's APIs?
(Preferred method) Post your question on this site under the discussions tab, and someone from the community will answer your question.


Send an email to eclipsedeveloper@varian.com.

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