How do I extract DVH data?
See Code Sample - Extract DVH Data.

How do I iterate through the image voxel data?
See Code Sample - Iterate through 3D Image.

How do I access the dose voxel data for a certain structure?
See Code Sample - Dose Voxel Data.

How do I iterate through contours of a structure?
See Code Sample - Iterate Contours.

How do I access MLC leaf positions in control points?
See Code Sample - Access Leaf Positions.

How can I easily access the application context everywhere in my app?
See Code Sample - Using a Singleton Pattern With ESAPI

How do I make asynchronous calls using async and await with the API?
See Code Sample - Getting Asynchronous with the Eclipse Scripting API.

How do I get the version of Eclipse?
string sVersion = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetAssembly

How do I get XML data for scripting objects?
See Code Sample - Generate Full Patient XML.
See Code Sample - Generate Plan XML.


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