How do I extract DVH data for a structure?

Below is Eclipse v11 script code that extracts DVH data for the first loaded PTV found for the loaded plan and structure set. The DVH data is written to a file in the user's temp directory called "dvh.csv".

    public void Execute(ScriptContext context /*, System.Windows.Window window*/)
      if (context.Patient == null || context.PlanSetup == null || 
          context.PlanSetup.Dose == null || context.StructureSet == null)
        MessageBox.Show("Please load a patient, structure set, and a plan that has dose calculated!");

      // get reference to selected plan
      PlanSetup plan = context.PlanSetup;

      // linq query finds the first PTV structure
      Structure target = (from s in context.StructureSet.Structures where 
                          s.DicomType == "PTV" select s).FirstOrDefault();

      if (target == null) 
        throw new ApplicationException("Plan '"+plan.Id+"' has no PTV!");

      // build exported DVH filename, put it in the users temp directory
      string temp = System.Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("TEMP");
      string dvhFilePath = temp + @"\dvh.csv";

      // export DVH for 'target' to 'dvhFilePath'
      exportDVH(plan, target, dvhFilePath);

      // 'Start' generated CSV file to launch Excel window
      // Sleep for a few seconds to let Excel window start
    private void exportDVH(PlanSetup plan, Structure target, string fileName)
      // extract DVH data
      DVHData dvhData = plan.GetDVHCumulativeData(target,
                                    VolumePresentation.AbsoluteCm3,  0.1);

      if (dvhData == null)
        throw new ApplicationException("No DVH data for target '"+target.Id+"'.");

      // export DVH data as a CSV file
      using (System.IO.StreamWriter sw = 
                        new System.IO.StreamWriter(fileName, false, Encoding.ASCII))
        // write the header, assume the first dvh point represents the others
        DVHPoint rep = dvhData.CurveData[0];
          string.Format("Relative dose [{0}],Structure volume [{1}],", 
            rep.DoseValue.UnitAsString, rep.VolumeUnit)
        // write each row of dose / volume data
        foreach (DVHPoint pt in dvhData.CurveData)
                                pt.DoseValue.Dose, pt.Volume));

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