Calculating structure overlap

Sep 17, 2014 at 1:30 AM

I am trying to compute the amount of overlap between two given structures.

Say if I have PTV and OAR as two structures. I am looking for methods of obtaining actual 3d points of these two structures and finally checking if there are any common/near by points between them.

I had a look at following possibilities :
public VVector[][] GetContoursOnImagePlane(int z)
How do I know the value of z ?

Another case:
public MeshGeometry3D MeshGeometry { get; }
Do I get the points relative to centroid of structure ? or are they in a global frame of reference for the absolute positions in the image plane ?

And :
public bool IsPointInsideSegment(VVector point)
Again, this is for ESAPI v11

Thanks for any pointers.