Mar 23, 2016 at 1:03 AM
Hi, Rex Cardan

I want to make a Eclipse script that manipulate a dicom plan, e.g., changing a treatment machine, energy, wedge filter, etc., and then re-import into Eclipse.

I tried to import a dicom plan file that had been exported via EvilDICOM, followed by your youtube lecture, but Eclipse was complaining it cannot find SOPClassUID and SOPINstanceUID.

However I found that actually it looks (0002, 0000), (0002,0001), (0002, 0003), and (0002,0012) are missing in the Evildicom plan file, when compared with the dicom plan file exported using Eclipse Export function.

Could you help me out?

Byungchul Cho,
Asan Medical Center, South Korea