dose planes from verification plan

Jul 12, 2016 at 3:16 PM
Hey all,,

Could you give me any hints how to write script which will let me export dose planes from verifiaction plan. It's is quite time consuming when it is done manually.
I am not advanced in writing scripts (actually these are my first steps, please, be forbearing :)

Jul 12, 2016 at 3:26 PM
See Exercise 3 from 2014 Developer Workshop.

Also, the code sample for accessing Dose Voxels for a structure is applicable.

If you send a note to I'll send you a related sample.
Mar 14 at 10:42 PM
I too have a similar question, with the obvious goal of being able to automate or simplify the effort of exporting dose planes for IMRT QA. It's interesting that there are no 2D or 3D dose methods.

I can see the value of getdosetopoint, but to make this work you would have to determine the correct z plane, then setup some loops to iterate through x then y. I am of course assuming further that I can get SNC's mapcheck/SNCPatient software to read a standard csv file as the planned dose file.

There are times when I wish Eclipse also had simple macro recording.

If anybody has solved this one, please comment; I'll be watching the thread.


Mar 24 at 12:50 AM
There are 2D dose methods:
public DoseProfile GetDoseProfile( VVector start, VVector stop, double[] preallocatedBuffer );

A loop of lines would give a surface plane allowing one to control the number of points on the line and the total number of lines, too. If you want to get out 2D or 3D dose information, you can write a simple loop (as you mention) to do this. Can you provide more information on what exactly you are attempting to do?
Mar 24 at 2:43 PM
FYI, this is part of the export wizard in 13.7