Radiation Prescription

Jan 10 at 7:50 PM
I know this is a little off topic, but We are currently using a document prescription and I am wondering if anyone is using the RT prescribe and linking to plan workflow. If so how mineable is the prescription data and how well does the workflow work. Thanks.
Jan 11 at 10:16 AM
Hi Kev,

So we are currently looking at moving towards using the RT prescribe work space in an attempt to move away from a paper document system.

The system does seem to have some good points and links into the plan workflow well but equally the ability to maintain the prescriptions in the system is very inefficient.

There is talk of linking all this data into a single xml document although I don't feel this is an efficient method and a small web app with a GUI and database would be better and allow for much better management of the data.

From a mineable perspective, all the information should still be accessible, I've wrote scripts and queries to pull this information out of the varian databases so its definitely there.

The location of this information is pretty hard to find as these databases are very disorganized although the use of an entity framework or ORM does provide some great assistance but that's something additional to add to the workload.

As for work flow, from a user perspective it does seem to work. I just feel the administration and management side of the system isn't necessarily up to scratch to handle the large amount of prescriptions available hence the need for an additional/separate system is needed in my opinion.

I'm only a novice though so please critique and get others thoughts.

Jan 11 at 4:08 PM
We are moving from paper into paperless environment
We are using the care path which really facilitate and guide you what to do.
regarding the RT prescription :
1) Create templates for RT prescriptions and it can be saved as private or shared, the shared ones can be used and seen by all oncologists in the department, while private ones only appear under the one who created them.
2) spend some time with your oncologists and prepare with them some templates which will make it easy for them to use it later on.
3) once RT prescription is used it must be saved as draft, not approved, other wise you can't change them later on in terms you changed the energy or any modification in the treatment intent.
4) once the planner start the plan, the total dose, dose per fraction and number of fractions will be grabbed from the RT prescription and used in the plan.
5) once planner finished the plan and the oncologist reviewed it , the oncologist will approve the RT prescription
6) Plan can't be treat approved and executed if the RT prescription is not approved.
Jan 17 at 2:18 PM
Hi Bilaljalal,

Thank you very much for providing the info. I am interested in this topic too.
Could you please provide more detail info about how to create RT prescription template, what it looks like, and where these info are saved to? Can it be created inside Treatment planning system?


Jan 18 at 2:32 PM

RT prescription templates are created from within ARIA, in the Prescribe Treatment Workspace.

There is a video under Product Documentation on myVarian.com that you may find helpful:

Title ARIA 13.6 Prescribe Treatment Video Jun. 2015 Education Materials AI13.6-VID-04-A 13.6

The Prescribe Treatment Workspace in ARIA is supported by the Varian Help Desk, so you can call them and a support person can answer any of your questions.
Jan 18 at 2:44 PM

Supposedly, the RT Prescription has been added to the new version of the API. We haven't upgraded yet, but I saw it on pg 10 in the newest Release Notes on myVarian.com:

Eclipse Scripting API Reference Guide Oct. 2016 Release Notes P1008614-005-E 13.6

We are using electronic prescriptions exclusively in our clinic as of October. We do not use the Constraints section in the middle column, because (1) data entered there doesn't connect to Eclipse and (2) it's free text. We've been using the entity framework to access the RT Prescription data in scripts and AURA's Prescription model to access it in Reporting, but I am looking forward to having it in the API.