Possible to access 'Use Gated' in the API?

Jan 25 at 6:50 PM
In Plan properties there is a checkbox 'Use Gated'. Anyone know if the API has access to this setting?

Apr 28 at 5:03 PM
I would like to second this request.
May 1 at 9:42 PM
Just came here to search for this. Anyone know if/where it's stored in the Aria database?

May 25 at 10:00 PM
Edited May 25 at 10:03 PM
I don't think the API has access as of v13, not sure about v15. I finally broke down and emailed Varian yesterday after I was unable to find it in the database.

"Use Gated" is stored at the field level as opposed to the plan level in: dbo.ExternalFieldCommon. The two columns you want in the table are MotionCompSource and MotionCompTechnique. The values you're looking for will be: MotionCompSource = 'EXTERNAL_MARKER' and 'MotionCompTechnique='GATING'. I know, right?

sql looks something like:
SELECT DISTINCT dbo.Patient.PatientId, dbo.Course.CourseId, dbo.PlanSetup.PlanSetupId, dbo.ExternalFieldCommon.MotionCompSource, dbo.ExternalFieldCommon.MotionCompTechnique
dbo.Course ON dbo.Patient.PatientSer = dbo.Course.PatientSer INNER JOIN
dbo.PlanSetup ON dbo.Course.CourseSer = dbo.PlanSetup.CourseSer INNER JOIN
dbo.Radiation ON dbo.PlanSetup.PlanSetupSer = dbo.Radiation.PlanSetupSer INNER JOIN
dbo.ExternalFieldCommon ON dbo.Radiation.RadiationSer = dbo.ExternalFieldCommon.RadiationSer
WHERE PatientId = 'xx' AND PlanSetupId = 'xx' AND CourseId = 'xx' AND MotionCompTechnique = 'GATING'
I have no idea how to format text.

From there you can count a dataview directcast and if the Count == 0 then gating is off.