UAB VMS Console initial App error

Jan 31 at 2:03 AM
As someone with little experience, I was hoping to use the UAB VMS Console to learn my way around some features I'm trying to use however i can't get the initial application to create. I'm watching the video and following the steps but the
"var app = Application.CreateApplication("username","password");" step gives me a "ApplicationException was unhandled by user code error" relating to line 41
"var vapp = V.Application.CreateApplication(username, password);:.
I can press continue and the console will return but i'm not connected.

I've tried making my password and username a string and using these but that didn't help.
Feb 13 at 11:42 PM
HI eclaridge,

Are you getting an error that says something along the lines of "No method Create Application contains 2 parameters"? I remember getting something along those lines when running this script. If you're getting that message try the following:
var app = Application.CreateApplication(null,null);
is giving you an error. Try replacing this instead with:
var app = Application.CreateApplication(null,null,null);
I'm not sure why this works, but I believe it may in your case.

Best Regards,