Extract CT and CBCT images from Eclipse (or Aria database)

Feb 9 at 10:00 PM
My goal is to programmablely grab CT and CBCT images. My understanding is that API can only extract a image as a 3d matrix using 'profile', is there any way we can get images in dicom?

The ideal way to get images is to query the database, but it seems all images in Aria database are saved as Varian proprietary format, anybody has any experiences?
Feb 9 at 11:49 PM
Edited Feb 10 at 12:01 AM
On the documentation tab there is a demo of scripting the dicom daemon. It works well. You need to put any network endpoint into a dbdaemon as trusted entity, whihc can be a pain if you dont have easy access to a wizard. Since v13 export is so bad for storage services, i wrote asimple custom interface to export using this guide as a starting point. Any needed uids im getting from db queries. I can push out any object from MR to tx history to registrations

The crux of the demo is using dcmtk for all the dicom stuff, a small class to generate a .cmd file containing the dcmtk required commands, and process.start to launcthe console to execute the commands

RexCardan has a demo of his custom dicom library for rhe same purpose but ithink the demois outdated as the methods in the demo arent present in the library i downloaded.
Feb 17 at 7:35 PM
One small point, when you do get something up and running be careful if you pull out plans. If any daemon exports a plan, it changes an editdatetime field in the RTPlan table of the corresponding plan. If someone happens to have that plan open at the time of export, they wont be able to save without first reloading.

I recommend checking the AccessStatus table in the db prior to a scripted export to see if anyone is working with your patient in a rad onc workspace (access status doesnt show practice management)